Fundraising for the Junction

Mags and Ali did a spot of fundraising for the Junction!

This year’s challenge was to cycle approx. 350 miles from Munch to Verona, in about 10 days. Visit at least 3 countries along the way, cross the Alps and hopefully this time Mags avoided falling off her bike.

They completed 404 miles in 9 consecutive days of cycling, visited 4 countries (Germany, Austria, Italy and for about 30 mins, Switzerland) and consumed countless pizzas, strudels, ice creams and a few beers along the way. They would like to thank everyone for the support and in helping them meet their £1000 fundraising target.

2 bikes, 4 panniers and all the strudl/pizza they could eat along the way.

So please dig deep and donate now. Please don’t forget to include Gift Aid, if appropriate.

Thanks everyone, Mags and Ali especially, for all your support!