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Alcohol Support & Education

Stand up if you know anyone that has ever had a sip of alcohol?

Is everyone standing up? That’s what we thought…

Alcohol is something that affects all of us, whether we choose to drink or not. At the Junction, we offer information and support around alcohol (and all things related) for young people. We do this through:

Let’s get things straight first: we are not here to tell you what to do. Our information and support is there to help you learn all of the facts, to give you a safe space to talk about alcohol related issues and to help keep you safe if you choose to drink.

Young people who have used the service have said:


“It’s a nice social place, it can help with things like drugs, alcohol, its a space to learn”

The staff at the Junction are helpful & understand you & don’t make you feel under pressure”

“I liked the fact it was confidential and that I could talk about anything. The staff were very supportive and understanding”

If you would like to find out more information or to access support you can do this by popping into one of our Drop-Ins or by getting in touch and making a referral.