Complementary Therapies | The Junction

Complementary Therapies

There are a range of complementary therapies that you can access at the Junction for FREE. These are currently provided during the Chiller, our Friday drop-in. You can pop in for a 15 minute massage (first come, first served) from 1pm or make an appointment for a 30 minute massage where you will not have to wait to be seen. To make an appointment, please call 0131 553 0570, text 07758 348 850 or pop in. Our massage therapist, Lindsey, will be offering one of the following types of massage:

Back and Neck Massage

The aim of a back and neck massage is to release any physical stress that has built up in your back, shoulders and neck. The massage is given whilst sitting on a specially designed massage chair like the one in the picture below. You remain fully clothed and oil is only used on the neck area. Back and neck massage is good for relieving stress, tension and tiredness. It can also help if you are having trouble sleeping. It is a calming and relaxing treatment, which leaves people feeling that they have more energy and improved concentration.

Face Massage

The aim of face massage is to relieve any tension in the face, neck and scalp. The massage is given whilst lying on a massage couch. A small amount of oil or cream is used in this treatment. This massage can increase feelings of relaxation and improve sleep. It can also improve circulation, improve skin condition, increase energy levels and leave you feeling more positive.

 Thai Hand Massage

The aim of a hand massage is to improve circulation and relieve tension within the hands and arms. It can help to increase flexibility in the hands, fingers, wrists and arms. A hand massage is given whilst sitting on a massage chair. Oils are used in this treatment. The use of oil is also a great way of improving skin condition. A hand massage is a very relaxing and calming massage.

Sound Good? Come along to the Friday Chiller and try one for FREE!