Winning Again!

The Junction is proud to announce that it is a winner of the GSK IMPACT Awards 2015!  Showcasing our development from when we first won a GSK IMPACT Award in 2009, The Junction is one of just a handful of organisations who have won an Award twice. The GSK IMPACT Awards, run in partnership with The King’s Fund, are designed to recognise the outstanding work of community-based health and wellbeing charities. In addition to the recognition and £30,000 of unrestricted funding, the Junction will receive access to training and development worth an estimated £6,000 . Not only is it an honour to have our work recognised but it highlights how we continue to strive for excellence for the young people and communities we serve.


Lisa Weaks, Third Sector Manager at The King’s Fund, said:

‘The Junction’s starting point is that young people are an asset with the potential to improve their own health. It targets a range of young people who would otherwise slip through the net. It builds services around the needs of young people, supporting them, rather than providing inflexible services which its users have to fit around. It is an excellent charity demonstrating impressive achievements.’