Digital Drop-in


Our Digital Drop-In is on Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm. 

It is FREE one-to-one support for around 30 minutes, by email, phone call, text, Whatsapp or video call.  This is open to 12 to 21 year olds who live in Edinburgh.

You can talk to us about anything that is on your mind. We will listen and work with you to help figure out what might help. You can use the Digital Drop-in as a one-off or you can use it regularly, as often as you need to. 



Before the Digital Drop-In starts (usually the day before or in the morning), text us on 07758 348 850 or email us on and say you would like to use Digital Drop-In.

A worker will be in contact to ask some basic questions about you, what you would like to talk about and how you would like to do your support session.  They will also arrange a time for your session.  Please be aware that sometimes the Digital Drop-In gets busy and spaces fill up. 

Try to find a safe, quiet space for your session.  Let us know if you’re worried about privacy.  If there are any problems with technology, your worker will try to get back in contact with you. 

At the end of your support session, we will send you a link to a short questionnaire to get some feedback on the service. You don’t have to do this, but it will help us keep improving the service if you do.


This is a confidential service, which means that what you say will stay within The Junction and workers will ask for your permission before passing on any information. However, if we are worried about you or someone else being in danger we have a duty to tell someone. If this is the case, we will do our best to discuss this with you first and to support you throughout.

We will also keep some basic details about what you have spoken about.  These help us to provide a consistent service to you and they help us report to our funders.  For more information, you can read our Privacy Notice.


The Junction is a free service for young people aged 12 to 21 in North East Edinburgh. The Junction supports young people with their health and well-being including emotional health, mental health, alcohol and substance use and sexual health. If you are contacting us from outside Edinburgh we will try to help you find a more local service.







Please note that The Junction is not a crisis service.

If you need access to support urgently, you can contact:


Edinburgh Crisis Centre: Edinburgh Crisis Centre:  A 24/7 service for people aged 16 and over who live in Edinburgh and who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Call 0808 801 0414 or email to arrange an appointment.  For more info

Breathing Space:  0800 83 85 87free and confidential support for people aged 16+.  Open on Monday-Thursday from 6pm to 2am and throughout the weekend from Friday 6pm-Monday 6am. For more info:

Childline: Available 24/7 for people aged up to and including 18.  You can call 0800 1111 or go to for more information and ideas. 

Samaritans: Phone 116 123 any time. For more information: 

Hopeline:  For people aged under 35 who are experiencing thoughts of suicide or anyone worried that a young person is thinking about suicide.  Open every day from 9am to midnight.  Call 0800 068 4141, text 07860 039 967 or email

You can also call the NHS on 111 if you need urgent help with your mental health and you can call 999 if someone’s life is in danger or you are not safe.