In 2018 The Junction turned 13! To celebrate becoming a teenager we created a booklet to celebrate our past, present and future. You can download the booklet here

The Junction – Young People, Health & Wellbeing is an award-winning organisation established in 2005 in response to local action research: ‘Safe & Sorted? Not in Leith.’ Here at the Junction we take a holistic approach towards young people’s health & wellbeing. We understand that the various aspects of young people’s lives are interrelated, so we make sure that young people are able to access all of our services, without having to fit themselves in with defined issues or problems.

We maintain a wider outlook, rather than focusing solely on the issue presented we try to see the whole person, and the different factors influencing their life. This way, no matter who walks through the Junction’s door or engages with us when we are out and about, whatever question or scenario they bring with them, we’ll respond in a way that’s helpful to them (i.e. no rules such as ‘we only deal with alcohol issues on Wednesdays, please come back then’). Within our holistic approach our services are layered, allowing young people to engage at their appropriate level & time.

We refer to this model as nested provision. Nested provision makes the more focussed services, such as one-to-one support and counselling, much more accessible because it allows young people time to build up a relationship of trust with our approach and ethos. It also offers support and gives young people time to identify their own needs. It’s important that young people can access the right service at the right time for them.

We won’t push young people to access a service they’re not ready for, nor will we funnel them into a structured programme when perhaps their needs indicate that more flexible support is the best option. However, we will make sure our service users feel supported to explore their options and make decisions. When one kind of support or engagement concludes, young people can continue to use the project through our other services thus creating their own unique pathway appropriate to their individual needs.