One to One Support

Waiting list update:

The Junction would like you to know that as of Tuesday 20th June 2018, we have regrettably decided to stop accepting referrals onto our One-to-One support and Counselling waiting lists.

I’m afraid we can’t provide a time scale for this, but we will make an announcement as soon as we decide to re-open.

Our Open Access services (Walk-In and Drop-In) will be running as usual. If you are looking for an alternative counselling service,  provide a general summary of all the counselling services available in Edinburgh and their waiting times.

Apologies for any inconvenience and we appreciate your patience.

The One-to-One Support Service at the Junction is a free and confidential service for any young person aged 12-21, living in Leith or North East Edinburgh.

Using the One-to-One Service gives you a chance to speak to a worker about issues that are affecting you and work on areas of your life you would most like support in.

It could be coping with and managing difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, decision making skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Working towards individual goals or getting support around health issues such as alcohol use, sleep problems, sexuality and relationships or smoking.

Making a referral

Thank you for your interest in making a referral to The Junction.

There are 3 ways you can make a referral;

You can also ask another person you trust to make the referral on your behalf, such as a parent or teacher.

 Open Access Services

Our Open Access services are times we set aside where a worker will be available to provide support without an appointment:

Walk-In: Monday and Thursday 4-7pm

Drop-In: Wednesday 4.30-7.30 and Friday 1-4pm (Free shoulder massage available Fridays)


During these appointments we can also help you find alternative services for the kind of support you need.

As far as possible, we have the same worker(s) on the same day each week, who should be able to see you straight away or after a short wait depending on how busy the walk-in/drop-in is.


Fake IDs issue among British and American youth

There is a growing problem of fake ID use among young people in Britain and USA. Fake IDs are used by underage persons to buy alcohol, tobacco and in certain states of America, even legal marijuana. Fake IDs are easy to get online, due to democratization of technology, anonymous cryptocurrency payments and globalization of world economy. Youngsters often use alcohol as an escape from everyday problems. Likewise, they want to socialize in company of their older peers and visit bars, clubs and music venues with age control policy. That's where fake identification cards come to the rescue, despite known scams. However, many students do not realize that by using a fake identification document they add felony to misdemeanor and thus can irreversibly damage their future. If you developed a drinking problem or need a legal help after being caught with false ID, The Junction Youth center can provide guidance and advice (more questions answered here).