Young People Health & Wellbeing 12-21



You can use our Drop-In or Digital Drop-In to have a free, confidential, one-to-one chat with a worker.  All our workers are really friendly and will treat you with respect.  One-to-one chats last about 30 minutes and you can talk about whatever is on your mind.  The worker can: 

  • listen to you  
  • look at what might help 
  • help you find any information you might need 


The Drop-In runs on Wednesdays from 4pm to 7pm at The Junction.  The Drop-In is a safe space you can come to on your own or with a pal.  You can have a one-to-one chat with a worker, use our sexual health services or just chill out for a bit. For more information about what to expect at the Drop-In, click HERE.


Digital Drop-In 

The Digital Drop-In runs on Mondays and Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm.  This is support by phone, video call, Whatsapp, text or email for young people in Edinburgh aged 12-21.

To request support, you can email or text 07758348850. Please contact us before the Digital Drop-In starts so we can confirm a time.

For more information click HERE

The Junction Services

What is The Junction?

The Junction is a safe, friendly, confidential centre which offers lots of health-related services, education and support for young people in Leith and North East Edinburgh aged 12-21.

We think it’s important to listen to young people and find out what they think and want. That’s why young people have been consulted from the start of the Junction and continue to be so today.

Here at the Junction, we are working to promote long-term prevention of health problems, to raise young people’s awareness and self-esteem and to enable them to make informed choices about their health and well-being. The aim is to help them help themselves which if successful will ultimately have a positive effect on the community as a whole.



The 86 Space

The 86 Space is available for hire to groups looking for a bright, welcoming and versatile venue for workshops, meetings, private functions and much more!

More Info Here

Fake IDs issue among British and American youth

There is a growing problem of fake ID use among young people in Britain and USA. Fake IDs are used by underage persons to buy alcohol, tobacco and in certain states of America, even legal marijuana. Fake IDs are easy to get online, due to democratization of technology, anonymous cryptocurrency payments and globalization of world economy. Youngsters often use alcohol as an escape from everyday problems. Likewise, they want to socialize in company of their older peers and visit bars, clubs and music venues with age control policy. Thats where fake identification cards come to the rescue, despite known scams. However, many students do not realize that by using a fake identification document they add felony to misdemeanor and thus can irreversibly damage their future. If you developed a drinking problem or need a legal help after being caught with false ID, The Junction Youth center can provide guidance and advice (more questions answered here).