Drop In & Walk In

The Walk-In – Wednesdays 4-7pm

Our Walk-in service is a safe place for all young people aged 12-21 to come and chat to a worker on a 1:1 basis.

Instead of waiting in the drop-in area with friends and other young people, you will wait in our main staffed reception.

If you’d like, you could bring a friend or even a family member or support worker to wait with you while you see a worker!

At walk-in appointments, young people can:

Please come to the middle (purple) door for Walk-in.  You will be asked to fill in a quick sign-in sheet: there is no need to say what service you need or give us any contact details if you don’t want to. Walk-In appointments can last anything from 5 minutes to around 30 minutes depending on the issue you would like to discuss.

Our staff are really friendly and will treat you with respect. We have your best interests at heart and all our services are free and confidential.


The Friday Chiller – Fridays 12:30-3:30pm 

Our Friday Chiller is a safe place for all young people aged 12-21 and is staffed by workers who have experience and an interest in young people’s health.

You can come alone or bring a pal! You can pop in to:

Come to the green door at Junction at 82-86 Great Junction Street and buzz the buzzer.

When you arrive you will be asked to complete a short sign-in form.

Everyone is really friendly and will treat you with respect. We have your best interests at heart and all services are free and confidential.  The Junction has a zero tolerance policy on language or behaviour that discriminates on the grounds of:


What is the difference between the Walk-In and Drop-In/Chiller?

The Drop-In/Chiller is a shared, social space. It is a chance to come in on your own or with friends to learn more about different health and wellbeing topics and chat about things that are important to you. You can also access a 1 to 1 with a worker.  No over 21s apart from our workers are allowed in the drop-in space. At the Drop-In there are fun activities, a different theme each month as well as free juice and fruit.

The Walk-In is a chance to wait for your 1:1 with a worker in a quieter environment. You are welcome to come by yourself or come with an adult/ support worker or friend. You will be offered a drink while you wait and you will get a 1 to 1 as soon as possible.

What can I talk about?

You can speak to a worker about anything to do with your health and wellbeing.  This might be things like school stress, difficult emotions, drug use, sleep, friendships, sexuality, uncomfortable thoughts, anger, self-harm or you might be worried about someone else.  This is your space to talk and we will listen.  There are so many things you might want to talk about – we won’t judge you and we’ll do our best to help! 

We have information and worksheets we can give you.  Sometimes we will know about another organisation who might be able to help and we can help you contact them if you want to. 

Is it private?

Our service is confidential which means that we won’t share what you’ve told us outside the Junction unless we’re worried that you or someone you spoke about is in danger.  If we’re worried, we will do our best to let you know and tell you what we’ll do next. 

When you come in we’ll ask you to tell us your first name and your age.  We’ll also make a note of what you spoke to us about in case you come back again.  This will be kept securely.  We will also keep a brief note of what you have spoken about.  This will help us provide consistent support to you and it will also help us tell our funder what work we have been doing.

You can read our Privacy Notice and we have copies of available at The Junction. 

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Fake IDs issue among British and American youth

There is a growing problem of fake ID use among young people in Britain and USA. Fake IDs are used by underage persons to buy alcohol, tobacco and in certain states of America, even legal marijuana. Fake IDs are easy to get online, due to democratization of technology, anonymous cryptocurrency payments and globalization of world economy. Youngsters often use alcohol as an escape from everyday problems. Likewise, they want to socialize in company of their older peers and visit bars, clubs and music venues with age control policy. That's where fake identification cards come to the rescue, despite known scams. However, many students do not realize that by using a fake identification document they add felony to misdemeanor and thus can irreversibly damage their future. If you developed a drinking problem or need a legal help after being caught with false ID, The Junction Youth center can provide guidance and advice (more questions answered here).