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At The Junction we reguarly create projects to involve the young people of Leith and North Edinburgh.

SHINE – Singing for Wellbeing project

Our singing for wellbeing project, SHINE is back! We’re recruiting…

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Sing for Self-Esteem!

  “SHINE (Singing, Healthy, Individual, Nurtured and Empowered) is now…

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Tobacco Peer Research Project

The Junction – Young People, Health & Wellbeing, in conjunction…

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Youth Advisors “Operation Launch”

The Junction Youth Advisors, went above and beyond when it came to supporting the official launch of The Junctions new premises, in March.

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“Growing Up In A Culture Of Alcohol”

By the end of 2013, whilst supported by The Junction’s Alcohol Service a team of young Peer Researchers completed 55 interviews with local young people living in North East Edinburgh. The theme of the research “Growing Up In A Culture Of Alcohol” built on a pilot peer research project undertaken by The Junction earlier in the year

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Reversing the Trend

Reversing the Trend is a joint project that the Junction was involved with along with five other voluntary youth work organisations, Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland’s Partnership Drugs Initiative and Evaluation Support Scotland.

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Young Womens Alcohol Focus Group

This four week programme invited local young women to help us explore some of our Alcohol Education Resources; and to considered the merits and gaps in gender specific resources.

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Assets Mapping

During May and June 2013 over 50 young people from Leith were asked for their thoughts and feelings in regard to what they liked about the area they live in

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Anti-Social Behaviour

In June 2012, whilst the eyes of the filmmaking world were focussed on Edinburgh’s International Film Festival, the focus for Leith was on a group of young local filmmakers.

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