General Terms


1. The day-to-day management of your let will be the responsibility of the Junction.

2. The Junction may refuse or terminate any let, without notice or reason where such action is deemed necessary.

3. All bookings are to be completed through our online booking system. Bookings will not be taken by phone, by email or in person.

4. A non-refundable deposit will be taken as part of your booking.

5. The deposit will be at a minimum £10, or will be 25% of the agreed booking fee, whichever is the greater amount.

6. Organisations will be invoiced by and shall pay to the Junction the full cost as detailed in the Letting Agreement prior to commencement of let. Individuals or unconstituted groups must pay agreed rates in advance to the Junction for which a receipt will be given. The scale of charges will be kept under review and the hire agreement may be subject to alterations and/or increased charges for which notice will be given.

7. Cancellations must be made as soon as possible. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the start of the let will be charged in full. Cancellations made less than 7 days before the start of the let will be charged at 50%.

8. Any communication regarding your let should be addressed to the Junction on 0131 553 0570 email [email protected]

9. You must appoint a named responsible person who will sign your group into the 86 Space and take the lead responsibility whilst you are on the premises.

10. When you are in the building the entrance door must be monitored at all times by a member of your group.

11. During working hours you must not leave the 86 Space at the end of your let until reporting to a Junction staff member.

12. You must leave the 86 Space by the time agreed in your booking. Any additional occupancy in excess of the time specified in letting agreement may be subject to an additional charge.

13. Rented areas must be kept tidy and clean at all times and it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the property is left in a clean and tidy state. Failure to do so will result in extra cleaning charges.


Health and Safety

14. Whilst the Junction has full public liability insurance for the 86 Space, you must hold your own public liability insurance as required for your activities. The premises are let on the understanding that this is in place and proof of insurance may be requested.

15. You are responsible for the proper conduct of your users and will be charged for any damages to the premises, furniture, fixtures or equipment caused during the letting period.

16. The Junction accepts no responsibility in respect of loss or theft of articles from the premises during the let or any articles left on the premises at any other time, and organisations and their users are responsible for the safekeeping of the own belongings at all times.

17. Clients bring any equipment into the space at their own risk and any portable electric equipment should display a suitable P.A.T. testing certificate.

18. Serving and taking hot food and drinks in the 86 Space is at the individual’s own risk.

19. You must familiarise yourself with all aspects of the Junction Health and Safety Policy and Procedures as attached, ensuring these are understood and adhered to.

20. Attendees will not be given access to the building until the course leader/named worker has arrived.

21. An Accident Book is held within The Junction office. Please ask a member of staff if this is required.



The 86 Space Fire Policy

Smoking is not permitted in the 86 Space at any time.

Fire exits must be kept clear and free from all obstructions at all times.

Notices concerning fire exits or procedures in case of fire should not be removed. Fire doors should be kept shut.

Fire-fighting equipment is located as follows:


Fire exits are as marked on signs within The 86 Space.

Please note that water extinguishers are not suitable for use on electrical fires.


If you discover a fire:

Raise the alarm immediately by activating the nearest alarm if it is safe to do so, and by telling people to leave the building by the nearest fire exit.


Dial 999 and gives the address as: 86 Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5LL.


Tackle the fire if it is safe to do so.


On Hearing the Alarm

Leave the building immediately by the nearest exit.


Evacuation should be conducted calmly and safely.


Assemble across the road outside YMCA Edinburgh at Junction Place and await instructions from the Fire Service.


For your own safety do not delay leaving the building. Do not stop will return to collect your belongings. Do not re-enter the building.