Anti-Social Behaviour

In June 2012, whilst the eyes of the filmmaking world were focussed on Edinburgh’s International Film Festival, the focus for Leith was on a group of young local filmmakers.

‘What Do You See?’

Is a short film on Anti-Social Behaviour created by young people in Leith, it was the culmination of work undertaken by The Junction in partnership with The Citadel Youth Centre; and funded by Cashback For Communities.

The production team behind the short film, were young people aged 16 – 18, who originally met staff through street-work in the area. They then participated in a series of weekly workshops where they explored the causes and consequences of anti-social behaviour, following up with a group residential where they filmed the bulk of their material.


“I hope that the film gets seen by lots of people, people of all ages.

 It would be good to get them thinking about what can be done to reduce anti-social behaviour” Rebecca, Assistant Director

On the night of the films launch, young people from the production team hosted a Q & A session, offering the audience the opportunity to consider their own thoughts on the subject. There was also a short awards ceremony in recognition of their achievements.

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